Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This Is the Life

How much fun can one girl squeeze in three weeks? I intend to find out. I decided that I would take one of my nieces out each day to do something fun. Tuesday was Jordawn's day.

Tuesday: Jordawn and I connect on a giggly "You're awesome. No, you're awesome." kinda way. When we get together fun is imminent. We decided to go to Color Me Mine in Whittier. You pick some pottery (bowl, plate, cup, ceramic princess or Toy Story bank) and then paint it to your liking. They bake it and then you come back in a week and pick up your masterpiece. Long story short, the one in Whittier never opened even up to an hour after they were supposed to be open. We did have a nice lunch down there and found this amusing little bottle at the Dollar Tree.

If they can't spell it, don't answer it. That's all I'm saying. ;-)

 We ended up at the one Long Beach which, was a great idea because they were having a Valentines Tea Party with cookies and everything. It was in Naples (beach town with minimal parking), so I had to parallel park. I hadn't done it in years and I'm just starting to drive again, but did I give up? NO! The curb may bear a few marks, but I did not hit either truck.

I came. I saw. I parallel parked. Victory!
We all had fun painting. Hyrum was into it for the first half hour, which was good for a two year old. Then he ate his weight in chocolate chip cookies and followed Angela, our Color Me Mine girl, around the store saying, "I help you."

He really is that cute. Look at the table and guess where he sat. He was having so much fun!
 I painted two heart shaped bowls for me and Layne and Jordawn painted a cereal bowl. I figure we can use our love bowls for ice cream.

Jordawn is adorable and all kinds of fun!
 We went home and then Jordawn watched Hyrum at Grandma and Grandpa's across the street while Layne and I had our Valentines Date. I made Layne delicious skirt steaks (so, so good), mashed cauliflower potatoes (cauliflower ground up with garlic and salt) and french green beans with mushrooms. It was all diet friendly and the best meal we've had in ages.

I will dream about these steaks.

We exchanged cards (Layne's made me cry) and he got me some new pima cotton sheets. I love them, but we'll return them so I can buy Layne a great birthday present. A great Valentines Day and much better than last year, which was spent in the hospital. That deserves it's own post though, so until tomorrow - kisses.

Happy Thought: My marriage to Layne and my sweet Hyrum are the best things in my life. They're the sugar that make everything sweet.

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