Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Personal Victory

I had a "Yay Me!" moment a couple weeks ago. I haven't been able to drive for most of this year - mostly because I couldn't feel the pedals, plus I had double vision for the first 6 months and I couldn't lift my right leg either. Big mess. The double vision is gone, I can lift my leg now and have some feeling in my feet soooooo..... (DRUM ROLL)! I DROVE!!! All by MYSELF!!!

I drove our MAZDA3 to Ross (less than a mile away) and found the perfect spot right in front of the store. I know that was an act of God because parking over there is beyond crazy, especially on a Saturday night and in the 4 years I lived in Downey I have never found one that good. AND it wasn't even handicapped!

Me and my darling walker went all over that store. I bought sheets, a super cute black and white polka dot dress, and ties for Layne. This one is my favorite.
Dark grey and purple tie on a dark grey shirt - looks so good on Layne!

I even got Hyrum some jeans and these GREAT shoes. Perfect for church and not only do they tie, but they have a velcro that goes across the laces to hold it in place. They're Carter's AND only cost $15.

I love these shoes. Soooo cute!
I came home victorious and happy, thrilled to show my darlings their presents. Layne appreciated his ties, but Hyrum surprised me. I called him over and told him I had presents for him. He was so excited! I showed him the jeans. No response. Showed him the great shoes. No response. (How can he be my son?!?! I mean SHOES! And no reaction.) Out of desperation I reached in the bag and grabbed the only thing left - a spatula. His eyes got HUGE and he said, "OOOOoooH!" He grabbed the spatula, hugged it and said he loved it, that he wanted to take it to Grandma. He carried it around for the next hour, thrilled with his "present."

Happy Thought: When life hands you lemons, find the spatula. Lemonade is overrated and sometimes it's better to let lemons be lemons. Forget them and find the spatula - something simple to be excited about. For Hyrum that was a spatula. Imagine what he'll do if I bring home a whisk! He'll go crazy!!! :-)

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  1. WOW! That is amazing, Stacia! You need a celebratory dinner or something! Sweet success! That is so cute about Hyrum. That is healthy though. Boys love to eat especially at Grandma's house! ;) How cute!!!