Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Days at the San Diego Zoo

To celebrate Hyrum's 3rd birthday, we decided to take him to the San Diego Zoo. Layne had bought us tickets for my birthday in September, but it didn't go well. Layne hurt his back lifting Hyrum out of the hotel tub and we never made it to the Zoo. I'm glad we were finally able to use the tickets! 

Our happy family (with my new leg brace)

We rented a scooter for me and I had a great time zipping around. I'm walking better but my stamina, especially in traversing this enormous zoo, wasn't up to the task.

Hyrum loves his Daddy!
They were having so much fun together.
The gorillas were so fun to watch. I think Hyrum liked them best.

If there's anything I love, it's a good cuddle with my boy.

There is no end to his cuteness.
If the characters aren't Disney, Hyrum fears them apparently. He hid as soon as we got close to these adorable creatures.

The most popular exhibit was the Pandas. Word of advice, visit them first thing or wait in a crazy long line. We visited them early and were glad we did. They are beautiful.

 A visit to San Diego isn't complete without a stop at Extraordinary Desserts. We found it on one of our first trips there thanks to some great advice from a concierge at the Grand Hyatt. Their menu changes every time, so it can be hit or miss, but they always have amazing choices. Layne's absolute favorite is the Pavlova. It really is amazing. They didn't have it this time, so Layne passed, but Hyrum and I indulged.
Can't go wrong with Creme Brulee

Hyrum loved his hot fudge sundae

Happy Thought: San Diego is definitely one of our happy places, especially cause we get to do it together. Going on Saturday, May 27th, was a great start to Happy Hyrum Day (occuring yearly on May 31st!).

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Father's Day ala Layne

I'm a planner. I plan. And when it comes to loving the people in my life, I plan WAY ahead of time. Such was the case with Father's Day. Mid May I snagged Les Miserable tickets for Layne at the Sergerstrom Center in OC. It's his fav and it was only there for two weeks. And after how Layne spoiled me on Mother's Day, I had to step up. Layne's Mom and sister, Lovey, were to go with him. Last minute Layne decided he didn't want to go without me (I had tried to save money by only buying him a ticket), so he called the box office and secured another ticket. Awwww. What a sweet husband. 

Me and Layne at Les Mis.
Lovey, Mom, Layne and me (l - r). 
Of course it didn't end there. When we got back we took Layne, his Mom and Dad to Casa Gamino, Layne's favorite restaurant. We got a babysitter for Hyrum, Layne's sweet niece, Madison. Then Layne and I ran a couple errands and went to Golf n' Stuff on a Groupon I got. $15 bought us two rounds of golf, 8 tokens and 2 ride tickets (we did the go karts). It's a pretty cool place and much nicer than I thought it would be. We had a great time. It's also where they filmed the first Karate Kid movie, course the water slide is gone now. We also stopped for frozen yogurt.

On Sunday, Layne got some tasty meals and I gave him The Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox and a solar charger for nearly any electrical device including cell phones and cameras - another Groupon steal (only $30, originally $60). Hyrum drew him a picture and made a picture frame for him in nursery - and of course gave him lots of kisses.
Hyrum and Daddy. How cute are they!
Happy Thought - Layne felt loved and I, like every day of my life, thoroughly enjoyed loving him! Marriage and being a parent is so great. This really is my new happy.