Monday, February 13, 2012

Sometimes It's Awesome to Be Me

Last Thursday, I was surprised to get laid off at work. The next day, Friday, I was thrilled to receive a job offer making even more money than the job I'd lost only half a day before. I couldn't have planned it better if I tried. I'd planned on quitting when I got the offer, but I would have forfeited all my unused vacation/personal days, plus the severance they gave me. This way I'm looking at the next three weeks totally paid and totally stress free.

The new job is copywriting for the Subaru account and the office is right on Ocean Blvd. in Long Beach, right on the water front. Bottom line: closer, more money and a much better place for me to be. I can't stop smiling. Seriously.

My sister asked me how you get so blessed, I told her you could try getting paralyzed and hit by a truck. I can't promise anything, but could be worth a shot.

Saturday: Got the Sunfire, my reliable, yet ghetto 1st car back from our nephew Landen. He was using it while I was unable to drive this last year. We had fun playing Life on my phone at the AAA office while we waited to switch the title back to me. I won, but that's not really fair cause I'm sooooo money right now.  Then I decided to treat him to the world famous Porto's Bakery next door, partly so I could live vicariously through him. I'm still finishing up this diet.

It's cakes like these that make this place SO popular.
Next time I WILL have this Ind. Flourless Chocolate Cake.
I bought two cheese rolls (They are famous for these), one for Landen and one for Hyrum. Landen also picked out a pineapple cheese roll. He said it was delicious. I believed him.
These are our tasty pastries.

Landen living the life I long for. So yummy!

Monday: I slept in with my baby boy and spent the morning attacking my two page to do list before I took off for my dentis appt. Gotta get that all handled before my insurance ends and I start my new job. I seriously called my dentist on Friday and asked for an appointment in the next two weeks. They had just had a cancellation for Monday at 1pm. When does that happen? I am SO money. (AKA Blessed). 

I invited my nieces Ryann and Sidney over for a Princess Afternoon. We watched 3D movies on the 47" 3D TV I won at the Vizio Christmas party (my old job). I know. I'm so money. And blessed. I made these girls two bowls of popcorn that they downed and asked for a third. I told them I'd save them a tummy ache and let them have some candy instead. Cause that's a much better option. HA! It's so fun to spoil these darlings. Then I painted their pretty little princess fingers.

We had so much fun! Ryann (L) and Sidney (R).

Little fingers are beautiful no matter what color you paint them.
I have big plans for the rest of my time off. I am really going to enjoy this. I SERIOUSLY cannot stop smiling! I am so blessed.


  1. you are the greatest! somewhere I still have a thank you card from our wedding waiting to be sent (sorry :/) lol

  2. Stacia,

    I am so happy that your life has turned a corner to some wonderful blessings! I bet your heart is so full of gratitude! I'm really happy you landed a job offer so quickly that was better pay and a beautiful office view! Someone is watching over you for sure! Yay! So glad you celebrated and enjoyed your time off too!


  3. WOW! You are definitely blessed! (Or Money?) Which ever! I'm so happy for you that you got the job in Long Beach.
    You're a great auntie! Bet the girls will always remember that wonderful evening.