Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Job Perks

I am having the best time at my new job. Yesterday I got to drive a fully-loaded 2013 Infiniti M. And I mean FULLY loaded. Leather, cooled/heated seats, four different modes on the transmission (snow, eco, standard and sport) and so much more. I had it on sport most of the time cause that's how you treat a V8 engine with this much horsepower. I can't remember the last time I've yelled WAHOOOO getting on the freeway. Beyond automatic climate control, there's this button with little trees on it. You push that and it adjusts the AC to a gentle forest breeze - just because it can.

I picked up Layne from work with it and took him to lunch. He works in Carson and I work in Long Beach just a block from the beach - very close, maybe 15 minutes. We went to Shakey's because I was only borrowing a $67-thousand-dollar car. We don't actually own one. It was wonderful to see him in the middle of the day like that. I am so in love with my husband. And this car was SOOO much fun to drive.

It gets better. Today we presented the Subaru XV Crosstrek print brochure to the client. It went really well and both the art director and I got lots of compliments from our creative directors. It was my first full vehicle launch here, my first real chance to show my writing chops. AND it is going REALLY well. High fives all around man - seriously. The art director and I exchanged high fives after. Cause we're that cool.

Happy Thought - I'm so happy! Things are going so well for me here. I couldn't be more surprised or more pleased. It's really rewarding to love what you do and be appreciated for it. I'm really trying to enjoy this and savor this sweet moment. It may not come around again and I want to remember this.


  1. Oh my heavens! That is so saweet, Stacia! YAY!! I think the forest breeze sounds awesome! What a cool job! Seriously!!! ;)

  2. That's seriously so awesome! Good for you and congrats on a job well done!

  3. Awesome Stacia! Good job - so glad you're enjoying your job and the perks! :)