Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I came. I saw. And it WASN'T double!!!!

Happy Easter!

I'm happy to report that my double vision has cleared up. I had another 5-day IVIG treatment, which helped, but it had gotten better even before that. I was afraid it would stay longer since last time it took six months to totally clear up. This time it was only two and a half weeks!

I celebrated by driving myself to work today. Very liberating. AND when I got home I took Hyrum to the Dollar Tree to shop for Easter candy. We had so much fun. He let me put these ears on him and called it his bunny costume. Now if I could just get him to hop.

HAPPY THOUGHT: It's improving! I'm walking better and now I can drive again. Maybe I really am going to be ok.

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  1. Miracle, Stacia! I really hope it is going to stay better now. What good news! Thanks for sharing! Hyrum is a cutie pants! Hope you have a nice Easter!