Thursday, April 11, 2013

From Fun to Unforgettable

Layne and I love the Exes, a comedy on TVLand. He got us tickets to go to a taping last night. It stars Kristen Johnston from 3rd Rock From the Sun, Donald Faison from Scrubs, Clueless and Remember the Titans, and Wayne Knight, who played Newman on Seinfeld. We love this show and we were not disappointed. It was hilarious.

File:The Exes intertitle.jpg

Here's where it gets awesome. The stars, especially Kristen Johnston, kept coming up to talk to the audience. As she approached one time, I yelled, "Kristen, I love you!" She's awesome. Not only is she a two-time emmy winner and movie star, but she's also a New York Times Best Selling author, writing a book all about how she overcame so much and kept going when people told her she'd never make it. She was so warm and gracious to all of us. Look how much she's accomplished and this beautiful woman was the most natural, down-to-earth and genuinely kind person. She was amazing and I was totally impressed.

She approached and I yelled again, "Kristen, I was paralyzed and now I'm better. You're such an inspiration! You're awesome." She asked me my name, how I become paralyzed. I gave her a brief explanation, saying it's a disease similar to MS, that I had it twice at 10 and 33, but that I'm better now and that she's an inspiration to me. She asked why. I told her that all she had accomplished, her book and how amazing she was to everyone made me want to keep trying, to never give up. She said that I had moved her, that I almost made her cry.

Kristen's Book
She called me down out of the audience and hugged me. Later on she gave me her book and signed it. She called me down another time too. We talked three different times as she approached between scenes. I told her that I wanted to write her and tell her my story. She said to write her. In fact, after the show was over, she made a point to blow kisses to me, wave goodbye and tell me to write her again. She is awesome! She didn't have to do all that. What an incredible, genuine, amazing, absolutely beautiful person. I was so impressed by her.
Her very touching message to me and yes, she kissed it!
As we were leaving, Donald Faison, who had also approached the audience several times and spoke with us, was signing an autograph. We happened to be standing right there, so Layne quickly demanded a program. I gave him one as Donald was about to leave. Layne asked for his autograph and Donald asked for a pen. A frantically searched my purse for one and came up with a Sharpie! Score. I told him we LOVED him on Scrubs and Layne told him he was the funniest guy on television. He signed and handed us the autograph. Earlier I asked him if his dimples were real. He said he paid good money for them, and then laughed. "No, they're mine. No one has ever asked me that!" What an awesome guy, and seriously, he is so good at everything he's in. We love him.
Donald Faison's signature, a real class act
Happy Thought: Kristen is a genuinely good and beautiful person. This night went from fun to completely unforgettable and it was all because of her.


  1. What an awesome experience! I'm so happy for you! Sending warm wishes to you and yours! :)

  2. You always have the most amazing experiences!!